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I have always written.  Early on, though, I wasn’t entirely sure I could.


One Friday, I met a very eminent BBC drama producer. I told him I‘d written a script I was sure he’d be interested in. “Bring it in on Monday,” he said, “and I’ll read it.” I hadn’t written a word.  So, I wrote a 110 page drama script over the weekend and took it in on the Monday morning.  He read it and he liked it – a lot.


And that’s when I believed I could write.


Ever since then, I’ve written for all ages and all genres, both in Great Britain and in the United States.​


Most recently, I’ve focussed on children’s television. I was Head Writer on Thomas and Friends for six years and from there, moved on to write for many of the leading children’s shows.


Writing is second nature to me – as is comedy and character. So, there is never, ever, a shortage of stories in my head…

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